September 2019: Running Matters

September 2019: Running Matters

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Ep 16- Eloise Wellings- Dual Olympian and four times Com Games athleteRunning Matters

Matt is joined with Paul Hadfield to interview dual Olympian and four times Com Games track runner Eloise Wellings.

Eloise shares her incredible journey over the past twenty years, in which she has competed in two Olympic Games and Four Commonwealth Games. During that time, she has had her fair share of injuries, including eleven stress fractures in ten years, consequently she had to wait twelve years from when she first qualified for an Olympics to when she could compete in Rio in 2016.

In a very open interview, Eloise explains how she overcame these injuries and managed the disappointment of the setbacks along the way.

We chat about her transition into the Marathon for the Olympic Games in Tokyo next year and what the qualification criteria is.

She shares some valuable training advice to minimise injuries and tips to assist with recovery after races.

As the co-founder of the Love Mercy Foundation, Eloise talks about her charity that assists communities in Northern Uganda to overcome poverty caused by war.

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