Endurance & Recovery
Endurance and Recovery Benefits from Ubiquinol

Endurance & Recovery


Ubiquinol is an antioxidant found naturally in the body that is responsible for supporting energy production in your cells. When Ubiquinol levels are depleted it can contribute to feelings of sluggishness and tiredness.

Exercise and Ubiquinol

As you age, your levels of Ubiquinol decrease. Lower Ubiquinol levels mean that your body’s natural energy levels can drop, which can make it harder and harder to bounce back from your workouts.

A 2013 study1 showed Ubiquinol can also boost the power production of trained athletes. Athletes who received Ubiquinol increased their power per kilogram of body weight by over 2.5 percent in just six weeks, showing significantly enhanced physical performance compared to athletes who received a placebo.

A 2016 study2 demonstrated that supplementing with Ubiquinol may lower the degree of inflammation after exertion and intense physical exercise, which may help with muscle recovery.

To get the most out of your workout it is important to remember to pay attention to your body and find a balance between daily physical activity and recovery time.

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Ubiquinol is available in a supplement form at health food stores, pharmacies and online vitamin stores, nationally.
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