14th September 2017 | Women’s Health Online

14th September 2017 | Women’s Health Online

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Prep For A Marathon Like An Olympian

Looking to smash your PB? Aussie runner Eloise Wellings shares her food and recovery tips – by Alex Davies

Like the best nights out and a decent fake tan, nailing a long run requires some pre-game prep. What you do before an event (and afterwards, for that matter) plays a huge role in how well you feel – and run – on the day. So, who better to help you get clued up than an Olympic pro.

Aussie middle-distance runner Eloise Wellings competed at the Rio Games in 2016 and has the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018 in her sights. She’s also lacing up for the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon this Sunday. Here, she shares her pre-event nutrition countdown – and tips to help you smash your run come race day.

Two days before…

“The final two days before racing are super-important in terms of fuelling well for the energy I’m going to need for the event. During this time, I focus on carbohydrates with all meals – they’re our main source of fuel for endurance running. What do I avoid? Highly processed foods and anything that may upset my stomach – this includes foods that are high in fibre and drinks with artificial sweeteners, which can play havoc on your digestive system before an endurance event.”

The night before…

“I eat a substantial early dinner so that I’m well fuelled for race day, but also to give my body time to digest the meal.”

The morning of…

“My go-to breakfast is toast and a banana. My advice is to steer clear of anything high in fibre in the morning, so I opt to have three pieces of white toast with honey and a banana. I’d never normally eat white bread because it’s low in fibre (during normal training, muesli is my brekkie of choice) but it’s easier to digest on the day of a race.”

Straight after the race…

“I go for a cool down jog – usually 20-30 minutes, but any amount of slow jogging will help in the recovery process. Then I’ll have an ice bath and put on compression tights. Compression helps with circulation and recovery, decreasing next-day soreness. I also rely on Ubiquinol (the active form of CoQ10) for reducing muscle inflammation and maintaining my energy levels after racing.”

The hours after…

“I usually don’t sleep much after racing, especially if I’ve had a good result! There’s too much adrenaline, but I make up for it during the following week by putting more focus on sleep and recovery as I ease back into training. I usually give myself 24 hours after every race to eat whatever I want, and then it’s back to minimal-processed foods, lots of nutrient-dense carbohydrates and lean meat for protein.”

To register for the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival on 17 September 2017, visit Run.Blackmores.com.au. Team WH are taking part – see you at the start!

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