19th October 2017 – Running Divas

19th October 2017 – Running Divas

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A Day on a Plate with Olympian Eloise Wellings

Fuelling my body with exactly what it needs is very important to me. Being a mum to my four year old, Indi and training for distance events enables me to think about the nutrients that my body needs to maintain my energy levels. I am a huge advocate of meal planning and like to feel organised for the week ahead. Although my life can get a bit hectic, especially around competition life, I find fuelling my body properly helps me keep up with it all.

There are definitely times where I will eat whenever I want but this usually only happens after a large event. I allow myself 24 hours after a race to indulge in whatever I want, which typically includes pizza and Messina ice cream.

The key is to make sure you have balance and try to feed your body the best possible nutrients to create a healthy and happy you long term.


To start the day, I have a bowl of The Muesli Sugar Free along with some Greek yoghurt, a piece of fruit and a coffee. I like to keep it light and easy in the morning and it also tastes delicious!


My lunches need to include protein in order to refuel my body and help my muscles recover from my morning training session. I usually have a chicken or tuna wrap with some salad.


I tend to have a protein shake just before dinner, which assists with recovery after my afternoon training session. The main meal, however, is different every night. We try to keep all our dinners balanced with a mix of protein, vegetables and carbohydrates. Some of the dinners we enjoy as a family are chicken burritos, steak with quinoa and roast vegetable salad, and tuna steak with sweet potato and broccoli.


I couldn’t get through the day without having my snacks. I find that bananas, protein smoothies and bliss balls are the best when it comes to a post-workout snack. I do also have snacks outside of my training to keep my body nourished. Fruit, yoghurt and The Muesli Sugar Free are my go-to foods.


Even though I have a well-balanced diet, I do take two supplements. The first is Ubiquinol (the active form of CoQ10) which I take daily. This assists with muscle inflammation and helps to maintain my energy levels. Magnesium helps me as well by relaxing my muscles and helping manage muscle fatigue and cramps.

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