1st January 2018 | Clean Beauty Talk

1st January 2018 | Clean Beauty Talk

Jan 2018
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Brain fog. I deal with it every day. Seriously some days I WTF myself more than should honestly be allowed. I can also forget what I’m talking about, as I’m talking about it. Just ask my husband.

However, it is a little annoying. And I tend to blame my children. (I swear my brain was semi-ok before I grew and birthed them. HA)

Anyway, this whole post came about when I was trying to think of goals for 2018.

You know the ones you could peacefully sit and write down after meditating for hours looking at a full moon, when you were child free in a life gone past.

(HAHAHA – yes, those old things.)

Because while I sat and tried to think of goals for 2018 I was also singlehandedly trying to push my newborn’s head back onto my boob, while somehow also attempting to play with a balloon with my toddler. And needless to say it was pretty hard to think of anything at that moment.

Also; brain fog.

Because despite my two children living all over my body, I do tend to sleep pretty ok and really look after myself, but some days I wake up and BRAIN FOG. It’s just there.

I don’t know how else to describe it. I just somehow feel cloudy and my energy is MIA.

But it’s a real thing! SERIOUSLY! Stalking WEBMD it says, although brain fog isn’t a medical condition. “It is a term used for certain symptoms that can affect your ability to think. You may feel confused or disorganised or find it hard to focus or put your thoughts into words.”

It also says:

“Many women find it’s harder to remember things during pregnancy. Carrying a baby can change your body in lots of ways, and chemicals released to protect and nourish your baby may bring on memory problems.”

SO YEAH. (Seeee. Thanks babies).

Anyway, despite this there are a few ways I tend to get rid of brain fog on the daily which I thought I’d share with you.  I was also recently chatting to a naturopath on ways to up your energy levels naturally and he’s dispelled a few nuggets of wisdom below that I wanted to share as well.

So how can you up your energy levels and get rid of brain fog on those days you wake up cloudy as hell?

Well the number one thing I do is to get the frick outside and/or exercise. (Which with two kids some days is ridiculously hard) however, even if it’s just a tiny ten minute walk – I do it. I feel like brain fog exists in the confines of a small space, but when my mental stability is being compromised I pretty much classify getting outdoors as an emergency situation that needs to be rectified – stat.

Also, things as simple as a brisk walk or jog in the park, or along the beach, can do wonders for your health – mentally, emotionally and physically. Plus, just 30 minutes of heart-pumping exercise can help burn calories, and boost your immune system too.

So it can even stop you from getting sick!

The food I eat also comes in at an all-time priority. Seriously I don’t get those people that are like ‘Oh I forgot to eat’… BUT HOW? My day basically revolves around food, for both my babies and myself. And on those days I have no energy and feel like shiz I probably tend to eat better than the days I actually do feel really well.

So basically I limit sugar, swap caffeine for cacao (which is filled with antioxidants, can help improve your memory and I find substitutes my need for another coffee. Plus it gives me a bit of a kick/ is yum) and since our brains are predominantly made of fat I reach for duuuuh, FAT. Especially things filled with Omega 3’s like walnuts, which are essential for a healthy brain. (Annnnd we all know I could do with a healthy brain LOL.)

Anyway, the naturopath told me a healthy diet was (naturally) one of the best ways to increase your energy. Although was also adamant that a healthy breakfast and limiting your caffeine intake were even more important on days you feel like crap too.

“Ever heard the phrase “You are what you eat”? Well, what you put into your body makes a huge difference to how you feel on a daily basis and breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.  Caffeine also disrupts the body’s natural need for rest, relaxation and sleep, and the short high is quickly followed by a quick burn-down on the other side.

And if you’re one of those peeps who gets their energy hit in the form of energy drinks the naturopath says drinking these has actually “been shown to raise stress levels, increase heart rate and blood pressure,  and often makes you feel even more tired and anxious than you were before.” SO yeah.

“Try cutting out caffeine products and opt for a natural solution like a protein-packed meal!”

And while we’re on the topic of food, if your diet errs more on the crap side of things, the naturopath was also big on supplements and told me if your diet is less than adequate, taking a supplement like Ubiquinol could also be used to increase your energy levels naturally.

“Key antioxidants are vital for boosting the immune system, fighting off infections, inflammation, and boosting energy levels – however it’s not always possible to obtain the necessary levels of antioxidants from our diet. Taking Ubiquinol, the active form of CoQ10 as a supplement can help support your energy levels to help you function at optimum levels. Ubiquinol is a powerful antioxidant found naturally in the body, but can be depleted during illness.”

Soooo there you have it chickys and chickos. Do you get brain fog? What do you do to increase your energy levels on days you feel like crap?

*This post was produced in a collaboration with a Qualified Naturopath & Chemist. As always all views and opinions expressed are my own.

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Tell me babez, do you get brain fog? What do you do to increase your energy levels when you feel like crap?

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