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2nd April 2018 | See.Need.Want

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A Quick Guide To Mitochondrial Health

By Rosie McKay

Mitochondrial health for keeping you happy and healthy

What is mitochondria and why is it vital to keep you happy, healthy and full of energy? An expert cardiologist explains in layman’s terms…

We all know that we need energy so that our body can function properly, and we can get on with our day happily and healthily.
You may then have heard those in the health know talk about “mitochondria” or “mitochondrial health”. More than just a health buzz word, mitochondria exists in almost every cell of our body. Also often referred to as “the powerhouse”, without mitochondria, our bodies wouldn’t be able to function correctly. So how exactly does it work and how can you boost your levels? We asked expert cardiologist Dr Ross Walker to explain in easy to understand terms how your body, and its energy source works.

What is mitochondria and its job in the body?

Mitochondria is a necessary part of living. Acting like a digestive system, they are organelles which help turn the energy we get from food into energy that our body’s cells can use. They’re tiny, especially in comparison to the enormous roles they carry out. In addition to energy production, mitochondria power our metabolic process – also known as the rate at which we burn food. They also help to remove old, broken or dead cells from the body, which are no longer needed or are useful.

Why is good Mitochondrial health so important?

With so many important roles to carry out, it’s imperative to keep your mitochondrial health in tip top shape. This is because, while mitochondrial is imperative for energy production, one of the side effects of such a job is the creation of free radicals. These free radicals can cause ageing and health problems, in particular the heart muscle cells and nerves.

How do you keep your Mitochondria healthy?

Everyday living can plan a strain on your cells, especially if your diet isn’t well-balanced, or you’re doing a lot of strenuous exercise.

To help support your mitochondria health, a supplement, such as Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) can be helpful. This is because CoQ10, like mitochondria, is found in every cell in the body, in particular the heart, liver, muscles and kidneys. A more easily usable form of CoQ10 is Ubiquinol, which has been shown to help provide the cellular energy required to power the heart and may help to reverse any health problems caused by the free radicals caused by mitochondria function.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.

For more information visit www.ubiquinol.net.au

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