Celebrating Good Health & Wellbeing through the Power of Integration

Celebrating Good Health & Wellbeing through the Power of Integration

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As the world celebrates the unparalleled value of global health this year on 7th April, marking the 75th anniversary of World Health Day, it is a time to reflect on the importance of maintaining optimal health.  


Amidst managing our daily routines, maintaining good health often tends to take a backseat for many. This World Health Day, it is important to shed light on some of the vital health conditions that the nation continues to battle and ways to prevent these conditions through an integrative approach. 


In Australia’s recent health census conducted October 2022, over 8 million people reported having a long-term health condition1 


Integrative medicine refers to the combination of conventional medicine and scientifically proven natural and complementary therapies with lifestyle changes to provide comprehensive and patient-centred carei 


Heart Health:  

Integrative medicine may play a role in the treatment of some health conditions. Cardiovascular disease affects more than four million Australiansii. The risk factors are often associated with smoking, obesity, high blood pressure, abnormal blood lipids, diabetes and othersiii. The natural antioxidant, ubiquinol, has been shown to support overall cardiovascular health in conjunction with other preventative lifestyle strategies including; quitting smoking, exercising regularly, adopting a healthy diet and maintaining weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and iv.   



Recent statistics show that 1.5 million Australians suffers from high cholesterolv. Some of the major risk factors linked to high cholesterol levels are age, smoking, lack of physical activity, overweight or obesity, family history, unhealthy diet and othersvi. Following some dietary recommendations may help in managing cholesterol levels such as consuming a variety of healthy foods and proteins, increasing the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables and others. 


Fatigue and Energy:  

Each year an alarming 1.5 million Australians consult a doctor for fatigue. Fatigue can be caused by medical factors such as underlying illnesses (Thyroid, heart disease etc.), lifestyle related factors such as excess or lack of sleep, alcohol/ drugs consumption, lack of exercise, poor diet, stress and othersvii. 


Male Fertility:  

One in six Australians of reproductive age experience infertility, with one-third of cases of infertility, caused because of the male factor. There are multiple underlying causes leading to infertility, some of them include age, oxidative stresses, high numbers of abnormally shaped sperm, low sperm number and/or poor sperm production in males. Integrative treatment strategies like increasing the levels of ubiquinol in your body, may support better male fertility health.  


In addition to lifestyle changes, the naturally occurring antioxidant, ubiquinol, may support overall heart health, male fertility, cholesterol levels, boosting energy and reducing fatigue. Studies support the efficacy of ubiquinol in aiding the protection of the body’s cells from damage caused by free radicals thus acting as an antioxidantviii 


Ubiquinol is crucial to supply energy to cells, enhance the performance of organs, and safeguard cells and blood from oxidation. With increasing age, the natural levels of Ubiquinol in our body gradually reduce, resulting in lesser antioxidant protectionix. 


Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional. 

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