Essentials when preparing for a race with Australian Olympian, Eloise Wellings

Essentials when preparing for a race with Australian Olympian, Eloise Wellings

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The City2Surf, the world’s largest fun run is fast approaching in Sydney this August, so we have called on Eloise Wellings, an Australian middle-distance Olympic runner and mum, to share her tops tips to get race ready!


What to eat in the lead up to a race:

Providing your body with right type of fuel is essential in the lead-up to a race such as the City2Surf. A mix of both low-GI carbs and protein is important. I like to make sure I eat every three hours, stay hydrated with plenty of water and electrolytes, and replenish my body with some protein within 30 minutes of finishing each of my workouts.

Race day:

Around one-and-a-half to two hours prior to running, try to eat something rich in protein and carbohydrates but relatively low in fats. For me this is a large bowl of my favourite cereal called ‘The Muesli’ with some Greek yogurt, a piece of fruit and a black coffee.


After a race eat for taste and eat whatever you feel like! It’s important to reward yourself, let your hair down and relax. Then the following day get straight back into your regular training/nutrition regime.


I recommend picking a race-time goal – what time you aim to complete the race in – and gradually build to this time over your training period. Add in some interval training to your program to maximise your endurance. I like to lift weights in the gym three times a week to increase my running power. I also like to do a combination of pilates/core work for overall body posture, composition and flexibility.


Recovery is a hugely essential element to my preparation as it allows my body to repair and build muscle and fitness levels. As you’ll be training so frequently it’s essential to find the right supplements to assist you in your recovery. I rely on Ubiquinol (the active form of CoQ10) for both reducing muscle inflammation and maintaining my energy levels after training. It also helps to combat oxidative stress, which can be common with over-exercising.


Training for a race like the City2Surf isn’t just about the physical challenge; it’s about your ability to stick to a regimen and reach your goal. I partake in meditation and visualisation to help me focus on the things that are going to support me achieving my goals. Don’t worry if your training isn’t perfect, take each day as it comes and remember how good it will feel once you have crossed that finish line!

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