Feeling flat?  What can help keep you motivated during winter?

Feeling flat?  What can help keep you motivated during winter?

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As the seasons change and the trees shed their leaves, feeling tired, lethargic, and unmotivated is as common as a cold winter’s night.

However, do not be put off by the wind chill – winter is a great time to get fit, recharge and go into summer rejuvenated and refreshed!  There is no secret to boosting your energy levels, so we have kept it simple by focusing on some time-honoured methods for putting the spring back in your step this Winter.

Get More Sleep

Experiencing poor sleep? Studies show that 20-30 per cent of people do not get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep a night.  Busy days and stressful nights can often take a toll on our sleep patterns.

If you are feeling grumpy or lethargic, you might want to consider more sleep – With the colder weather outside, tuck yourself in and enjoy the warmth of your doona!

Family Exercise

On the topic of exercise, involving family members is a great way to not only get fit quick, but also spend quality time with the most important people in our lives.  Physical activity has been shown to release chemicals such as endorphins and serotonin in our bodies, improving energy levels and creating a healthy, motivated you.

Try and find exercises that your whole family can enjoy – low impact activities such as jogging, or walking are inclusive and a great way to get your heart rate pumping.

Eat a Nutritious Diet

One of the great things about Winter is the diverse range of delicious Aussie produce that hits our supermarket shelves.  Winter warmers like roasts, soups and baked goods are all easy ways to get your daily serving of proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

Winter is also a good time to set goals for your personal health – evaluate your diet and be honest about your eating habits.  A diet high in processed foods and sugars may affect not just your energy levels, but also your health.  The internet is a great resource for veggie-packed soups that really pack a punch health-wise and flavour-wise!

If a healthy diet and regular exercise is not enough to increase your energy levels, consider a health supplement such as Ubiquinol.  As the readily available form of the Co-enzyme CoQ10, Ubiquinol is known for its high level of energy-boosting antioxidants.  Essential to energy production in the cells of our body, we recommend researching what Ubiquinol could do for you.

Always read the label. User only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your health care practitioner.

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