Five things every man should know about his fertility health

Five things every man should know about his fertility health

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Male infertility is often overlooked. However, if you’re trying to have a baby now, or planning to have one in the future, it is important to understand the facts of male fertility and what can be done to improve your chances of conception. Here are 5 important facts you need to know: 

Men’s fertility levels need to be assessed too: Currently, 1 in 6 Australian couples are experiencing infertility with 50% of its cause being attributed to male infertility and sperm factors [1]. Just as many infertility issues stem from men as they do women. It is equally important to perform a complete evaluation of the fertility potential of the male partner in the assessment of a couple who have failed to conceive. [2] Regular checkups can assist the male patient in early detection of potential fertility challenges that can be addressed. 

Age: The age of the male partner has significant impacts on reproduction as it affects sperm quality.  Around the age of 40-45 years, sperm quality decreases which can potentially reduce male fertility [3]. 

Lifestyle: There is a range of lifestyle factors that can have an impact on male fertility. Excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking tobacco and sleep deprivation can have impacts on the quality, mobility and motility of the male sperm [4]. A close evaluation of your current lifestyle choices may help improve your chances of natural conception. 

Weight: As global obesity figures continue to rise, so is the increase in male infertility [5]. Whilst maintaining a healthy weight and BMI supports your overall health and wellness, it might also ensure your sperm production remains regular and within the normal range [6]. 

Supplementing: Studies have found that Ubiquinol (CoQ10) is not only present in high levels of sperm but can help improve sperm movement and count, protect sperm cells from oxidative damage and play a role in sperm energy production [7]. It could therefore be beneficial to include additional Ubiquinol supplementation to your daily routine while on your conception journey.

Seek advice from a healthcare practitioner to determine if supplementation is right for you. Always read the label.

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