How to maintain your energy this winter

How to maintain your energy this winter

Jun 2019
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With the winter finally setting in—so do feelings of lethargy as we bundle up and spend more time in doors to avoid the cold and dreary weather. For people who are often active during warmer months, this means a period of time where energy levels are at a low and motivation is even lower to keep active and fit.

To break this seasonal cycle, we share the top tips on how to regain your energy and stay motivated and healthy this winter.


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  1. Try Seasonal Foods for Warmth and Comfort

Incorporating foods that are seasonal can take the edge off of winter with delicious and nutritious dishes. That means hearty soups and roasts that can be frozen and defrosted for lazy lunches and dinners. However, it’s still important to not let the winter blues justify a free reign over junk food—these fattening foods, which are low in nutrients and high in kilojoules can leave us feeling tired and lethargic.

Our tip: Try to include vegetables like garlic and onion which contain allicin to ward off infection and inflammation.

  1. Think About Supplementation

With winter comes a higher chance of catching an illness, especially when our immunity is compromised from the cool change in weather. This results in a depletion of key antioxidants, which are vital for boosting our immune system and fighting off infection. Adding Ubiquinol—the active form of CoQ10—to your daily vitamin intake helps replenish our body and boosts immunity and energy levels.  Ubiquinol is a powerful antioxidant which is found naturally in the body and helps our body function at optimum levels.

Out tip: Speak to your healthcare practitioner to discuss the benefits of Ubiquinol supplementation. Always read the label. Use only as directed. 

  1. Don’t Let the Chill Stop You from Moving

While it’s easier said than done—it’s important to make a conscious effort to get out and moving during winter. This could be as simple as a brisk walk or jog around the block. Other activities could include taking the stairs instead of the elevator or even walking to the grocery store instead of driving. Because we tend to slow down during winter and avoid the cold at all costs, making these small changes works wonders on your health, both mentally and emotionally.

Our tip: Be aware of the small changes you are making to keep more active—you will be surprised at how quickly they add up to reach the daily recommendation of 30 minutes. Also, get a friend involved in your daily exercise routine to hold yourself accountable!

  1. Get some shut eye

For a lot of people, winter means hibernation mode kicks in. Often times, all we can think about is staying in a warm inviting bed in the mornings and early evenings. While it’s important to get rest during the cooler months, try to ensure you stick to your regular seven to eight hours sleep a night—this will help boost your immunity, reduce stress levels and keep your winter kilos in check.

Our tip: Try to wind down before bed with a book and leave your phone on airplane mode—as blue light from mobile devices can confuse and overstimulate our brain and interfere with sleep.

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