How Ubiquinol Can Boost Your Energy Levels This Winter

How Ubiquinol Can Boost Your Energy Levels This Winter

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We are all looking for ways to pull ourselves out of the dreaded winter energy slump. A lot of the time, when we experience feelings of fatigue we reach for a coffee or a sugar filled energy drink to give us that fast boost of energy. However, caffeine is only a quick hit and provides little long-term sustenance to keep you energised throughout the day. Sometimes, it is as simple as making changes to your routine or switching out an old habit for a new one to keep on top of your energy levels.

Increase energy level by exercising

Here are our top tips for how to keep energy levels up this winter.

Start your morning off on the right foot.

We are all prone to a sleep in on the weekends, however, did you know that this can often do more harm than good? Waking up at the same time every morning conditions our bodies into a routine that helps stabilise our body clock and will actually have you feeling more alert and more productive throughout the day[i]. Another positive way to kick start your day and assist in energy retention is exercising in the mornings. Getting up and moving first thing will get your blood pumping through your body, which will help increase your energy level for the day[ii].

Rest your body and rest your mind.

Giving your mind and your body a chance to rest at various points throughout the day is also very important in restoring energy. Taking more breaks at work may seem counter-productive, but research has shown that we tend to only be productive for 60 – 90 minutes at a time. Taking a break to leave your desk, go for a walk or catch some fresh air has been shown to not only increase productivity, but also reduce feelings of fatigue [iii]. However, we all know an important form of rest for your body needs is a good night sleep. Your body responds to signals from your brain, so if you’re active on devices, your brain will be stimulated, making it harder for it to shut down [iv]. Therefore trying to limit the time spent on your devices before bed and investing time into relaxing activities such as reading or meditating will help optimise sleep and relaxation, ensuring you’re well rested.

Consider using Ubiquinol.

Instead of relying on excess amounts of caffeine and sugar to keep you energised on a daily basis, a natural option that not only supports energy production, but will also provide you with immune and cardiovascular support is Ubiquinol[v]. Our natural levels of Ubiquinol decline as we age, so if you are weary or finding it difficult to bounce back from basic exercise, it is likely that your Ubiquinol levels are depleted. Ubiquinol supplements help to support your natural energy levels, allowing you to function at your prime. Discuss your options with your health care practitioner to see if Ubiquinol is the right fit for you.





[v] Wada H et al, Redox status of coenzyme Q10 is associated with chronologicalage. JAGS 2007; 55: 1141-1142.

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