How Ubiquinol Can Help you Conceive: Natural Fertility Awareness Week

How Ubiquinol Can Help you Conceive: Natural Fertility Awareness Week

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This week is Natural Infertility Awareness Week, so what better time to learn more about natural ways to boost contraception and support healthy fertility. With an estimated one in six couples having trouble getting pregnant, infertility impacts the life of many Australians[i].

Males and Fertility

When it comes to fertility complications, males account for just under half of infertility cases that are reported and treated. One in 35 men, will have a fertility issue, whilst one in 25 males are thought to suffer from low sperm count[i].Fertility issues are prevalent for a number of reasons such as age, prior medical issues and lifestyle. Therefore, diet and exercise as well as taking into account what medications you are taking—is important to improve fertility[ii].

Ubiquinol and Fertility

Ubiquinol supplementation is another option in increasing male fertility. Ubiquinol helps to protect the body’s cells from damage caused by oxidative stress and free radicals as well as supports cellular energy production[iii]. As we age, our bodies naturally begin to produce less Ubiquinol, leaving us less energised and ready to fight off damage to the body’s cells. Consequently, this can impact chances of conceiving—which is where supplementing with Ubiquinol may be a great option in supporting healthy fertility.

There have been several pieces of research conducted that recognise Ubiquinol for positively enhancing fertility.  A study in the Journal of Urology involved 228 men with unexplained infertility in a double blind, placebo controlled trial using ubiquinol. The results of this study demonstrated that Ubiquinol was significantly effective in men with unexplained infertility issues for improving sperm density, sperm motility and sperm morphology[iv].

If you think Ubiquinol could assist you, please speak to your healthcare practitioner to learn more about Ubiquinol and how it can help you.







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