How Ubiquinol Can Support Your Energy Levels As A New Mum

How Ubiquinol Can Support Your Energy Levels As A New Mum

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Motherhood is a joyous experience, but it also requires a huge amount of energy. From doing housework, preparing food to breastfeeding, as a new mum, it can feel like there is a million items on your to-do list. If the mere thought of how you’ll make it through the day drain you, you aren’t alone. Many mums find themselves running on fumes as they try and keep up with the hectic new pace of life.

For any new mums feeling low on energy, one of the causes may be depleted levels of Ubiquinol. 

What is Ubiquinol?

Ubiquinol is the active and more bioavailable form of co-enzyme q10 (also known as ubiquinone).[1] It is a fat-soluble antioxidant found naturally in the body with many health benefits, including supporting cellular energy, supporting cardiovascular health, relieves oxidative stress and supporting fertiity.

Why Ubiquinol works

Ubiquinol is found naturally in every cell of the body, in a part of the cell called the mitochondria. In the mitochondria, Ubiquinol helps produce cellular energy by supporting the synthesis of Adenosine triphosphate, otherwise known as ATP.[2]

ATP is a molecule that carries energy within the cells, and is one of the main energy currencies of the cell.[2] By supporting the synthesis of ATP, Ubiquinol helps support our natural, healthy energy production levels to help you get through your day.[2]

Replenishing our natural Ubiquinol levels as a new mum

As we age, the body’s Ubiquinol levels begin to deplete as part of the natural aging process. Children and young adults often produce sufficient levels of Ubiquinol within their bodies, however for adults over age 30 natural Ubiquinol production levels start to decline.

You can try to replenish your natural Ubiquinol levels by eating foods that contain Ubiquinol. However, this may involve consuming excessive amounts of certain food as you would need to consume more than 14kg of sardines or 60 avocados, for example, to reach 100mg of Ubiquinol.

Being a new mum can be exhausting and overwhelming, especially as your time and energy are in short supply. If you are looking to replete your body’s natural levels of Ubiquinol as you face this exciting chapter of your life, you may want to consider speaking to your healthcare practitioner about Ubiquinol supplementation.

Seek advice from a healthcare practitioner to determine if supplementation is right for you. Always read the label. 



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