Male Infertility: How Ubiquinol can help

Male Infertility: How Ubiquinol can help

Jun 2019
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If you and your partner want a baby, but are finding it difficult to conceive—then you’re far from alone. According to IVF Australia, around one in six couples have difficulties getting pregnant.[i] Of which, one third of fertility issues are due to male infertility. However, lifestyle changes can have a huge influence on fertility and both you and your partner’s ability to conceive.

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For a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, the ova (or egg) and the sperm must be in optimum condition. Just after conception, the cells of a developing embryo begin to divide, and they can only do this if the embryo has formed from a healthy egg and sperm. Coenzyme Q10 ‘CoQ10’ is a potent antioxidant found naturally in our bodies, and its most readily available intake form of Ubiquinol may help with fertility. It appears that Ubiquinol may aid by assisting cells to function and divide normally.

Ubiquinol has been shown to protect the health of an egg by reducing the amount of DNA damage caused by free radicals. Research has also demonstrated that Ubiquinol helps defend sperm cells from oxidative stress, which is a potential cause of male infertility.

A study in the Journal of Urology[i] found that supplementing with Ubiquinol improved both sperm quality and motility. The study involved 228 men with unexplained sperm problems contributing to infertility, who were treated in a double blind, placebo controlled, randomised study using Ubiquinol.

Additionally, our natural Ubiquinol levels decline as we age, peaking at around the age of thirty, or even earlier if you are physically active or stressed. Therefore, compensating for a decline in natural Ubiquinol levels may be what you need to help you and your partner conceive and support a healthy pregnancy. You can find Ubiquinol in foods like sardines and red meat, but you’d need to eat 50 cans of sardines or 3kg of red meat per day to reach your recommended daily intake!

Scientists have developed a soft-gel Ubiquinol supplement available from leading Australian supplement brands, to help ensure you get the adequate amount of Ubiquinol required. Speak to your healthcare practitioner before supplementing with Ubiquinol or CoQ10 and to find out more about Ubiquinol for improved fertility.

[i] Safarinejad, M et al, 2012, Journal of Urology, ‘Effects of the reduced form of coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinol) on semen parameters in men with idiopathic infertility: a double-blind, placebo controlled, randomized study’, 188(2):526-31

[i] IVF Australia

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