Marathon training tips

Marathon training tips

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[i]Training tips from Eloise for spring /summer marathons

If the warmer weather has inspired you to sign up for a marathon, then our helpful tips from Australian Olympic middle-distance runner Eloise Wellings may help

1. Buy some new shoes

If it’s been a while since you last hit the running track then some new trainers may be in order. Go to a specialized sports store for a professional fitting, which takes into account your stride style and any physical needs which may need support.

2. Take time off

It might sound strange that I’m recommending time off before you even start, but rest days and relaxed training weeks are an important part of helping your mind and body recover from a running schedule. But just because it’s rest day it doesn’t mean you have to laze about. Think about moves and exercises which could complement your workout schedule. Yoga, pilates, swimming or walking will help your body stretch, recover and relax, so that the next time you hit the track you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

3. Supplement your diet

A diet rich in nutrients, including antioxidants is a must when you’re exercising regularly. One nutrient your body needs is Ubiquinol (the active form of CoQ10), which helps our body function correctly, improve energy levels and fights antioxidant stress. One study has found that athletes who supplement their diet with Ubiquinol may help to reduce the depletion of CoQ10 and could even improve athletic performance.[ii]

4. Find a running partner

Those who make fitness commitments with others are more likely to stick to their workout schedule and goals, say research.[iii] That’s because while you may have no trouble letting yourself off the hook when it comes to that run, you’ll be less likely to let others down. A running club may be a good place to start to find somebody with a similar marathon goal and ability to you. Plus, the encouragement and advice you can share with each other will be invaluable.

5. Set realistic goals

A marathon is a big commitment and it will take time for your body to build up its strength, endurance and stamina required to complete one. Set weekly goals which are achievable for your ability and aim to increase the distance you run by 10% every week.





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