New study: Ubiquinol increases athletic performance

New study: Ubiquinol increases athletic performance

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A new study has found that athletes who supplement their diet with Ubiquinol may help to reduce the depletion of the antioxidant CoQ10, and could even improve their performance on the track and field whilst reducing fatigue.

Good news for anybody who exercises. A simple additional supplement – Ubiquinol – added to your daily diet may help to reduce the loss of the antioxidant CoenzymeQ10. Even better, taking Ubiquinol could even help you fun faster.

CoenzymeQ10 (CoQ10) helps our body function correctly, in particular our energy levels and fighting antioxidant stress, caused by diet, pollution, and yes, even exercise.

When we work out, we reduce our usual levels of this antioxidant, which may lead to poor recovery, low energy levels and stress on our body overall. However, this new research has shown that Ubiquinol could change all this.

In the study, which was conducted in Italy, 21 male athletes underwent a trial with Ubiquinol supplementation for one month. One group was given a placebo (typically a sugar pill), and the other 200mg of Ubiquinol every day for a month.

Both groups then went without both for 60 days, before swapping tablets.

The results were exciting. It was found that Ubiquinol supplementation helped to minimise the depletion of CoQ10 in the body, and increased the antioxidant levels in the athletes. And, when the athletes trained, those who had taken Ubiquinol were able to keep a higher running pace after five and 15 minutes of running, compared to the athletes who were taking the placebo.

Australian Olympic middle-distance runner, Eloise Wellings, credits Ubiquinol and magnesium supplements in aiding her training and recovery program. “Although I have a well-balanced diet, I also take Ubiquinol and magnesium supplements daily. Ubiquinol helps to assist with my muscle inflammation and helps with maintaining my energy levels, while the magnesium complements this by helping my body to relax and reducing muscle fatigue and cramping,” she said.

Ubiquinol is found naturally in foods such as red meat, spinach, sardines and wholegrains, however in order to receive the minimum required amount each day, athletes would need to eat up to 3.5kg of red meat, 5.7kg of chicken or 50 cups of spinach daily.

Taking a supplement is an efficient way to help restore healthy levels of Ubiquinol in the body and support optimal energy levels, as well as help to reduce levels of oxidative stress in athletes and fight fatigue .


Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional. 


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