Not only has Eloise Wellings competed at several World Cups and four Commonwealth Games, but this Sydney-based long-distance runner has also represented Australia in two Olympic Games… with top 10 finishes in  Rio 2016. We sat down with this impressive athlete and found out where she loves to get in fit in our fair city (our favourite subject)!

Where do you like to work out?
“I do most of my easier running on bike paths around the Sutherland shire. We use the local track at Sylvania Waters for hard track workouts and I have a gym set up at home that I do my strength and conditioning work in. Jock Campbell from Jock Athletic writes my gym program and I get it done three times a week in our home gym.”

Where is your go-to swimming beach?
“We love going to Boat Harbour of a Friday afternoon, it’s a quiet beach to the very north end of Cronulla. Friday’s are usually an easier day of training for me, so heading out there is a really relaxing way to finish off the week before heading into a big weekend of running miles!”

Do you go bush or coastal walking?
“The trails in the Royal National Park are stunning, I like to start from Grays Point and walk down Honeymooners Trail towards Audley. I grew up running on a lot of those trails so I know my way around with my eyes closed.”

Where would we find you on a Saturday morning?
“Training at either Sylvania Athletics track or running along what we call the “mangrove path”… a bike path that follows the mangroves from Wooloware and goes all the way out past Sydney Airport and then heads west out to Homebush (although we never get that far as it’s 40km one way!)”

Where is Sydney’s best healthy lunch cafe?
“We like lunch at So Fresh in Cronulla Mall. They have great wraps and salads, smoothies and fresh detox juices. They also have a meal delivery service where you can order a week’s worth of healthy, nutritionally balanced meals. It’s super popular with time poor people who care about how they fuel themselves.”

Do you have a favourite workout outfit?
“Anything Adidas is my favourite. I like winter running, so a pair of long Adidas ankle tights are so versatile in that I can go straight from a run into gym without having to change.”

Your favourite view of Sydney?
“The views of the city running the Blackmores Sydney Running festival are incredible. Running across the Harbour Bridge when the sun is coming up is just stunning and makes me so grateful to live in such a beautiful city.”

Your top healthy eating tip?
“Choose good carbs, not no carbs! So many people are afraid of carbs, mainly because of misinformation. Carbs help our bodies function at its best. From brain power at your work desk to being able to go for a run or get to the gym at the end of a long day. Don’t be afraid to include hearty wholegrain carbohydrates rich foods in your meals. For added supplementation, I also recommend Ubiquinol to help derive the most energy to fuel my workouts, help with my recovery and support overall optimal health.”

And finally, your top ultimate fitness tip?
“Find committed training partners of a similar level of fitness. Even the most disciplined athletes find it hard to train alone. Training partners keep us accountable, motivate us and help us get the most out of ourselves and enable us to reach our full potential.”