Struggling with your Cholesterol Levels? Ubiquinol may be able to help!

Struggling with your Cholesterol Levels? Ubiquinol may be able to help!

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Did you know that one in three Australians have high cholesterol levels[1]? Like many Australians, you may not know exactly what this means. Cholesterol is a word we hear thrown around every day without a real understanding of what it is, what it does, and how to manage it. Luckily, it is a concept that is easy to grasp. In this blog post we explain what cholesterol is and what it means to you, along with how using Ubiquinol may help to maintain healthy levels of cholesterol.


So what is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a lipid; a fatty substance that is vital for the everyday functioning of our bodies. Cholesterol is essential for hormone production and other functions in the body[2]. It is produced mainly in the liver but is also consumed through foods. These include fatty foods such as takeaway pizza, pies, hot chips, burgers, cakes, biscuits and chocolate[3] – many of the comfort foods we reach for in times of stress.

Cholesterol is divided into two types: LDL, or low-density lipoprotein, and HDL, or high-density lipoprotein. LDL is known as bad cholesterol; it can block the tissue lining of the heart. HDL, on the other hand, is known as good cholesterol; it plays a role in carrying away cholesterol from the heart and out of the body.

Many people with high cholesterol will feel no symptoms[4], therefore, a doctor’s visit is necessary to determine your blood health.


Ubiquinol for cholesterol

It is important to naturally supplement for a healthy heart. This is where Ubiquinol comes in handy. Research shows supplementing with Ubiquinol may help to reduce mild-to-moderate statin-related muscular pain[5]. Research has shown that Ubiquinol maintains a health heart while also decreasing levels LEL cholesterol, and symptoms of statin myopathy.


To find out more about how Ubiquinol can help with your cholesterol levels, or for some directions, talk to your doctor or local pharmacist.







[5] Skarlovnik A, Janic M, Lunder M, Turk M, Sabovic M. Coenzyme Q10 Supplementation Decreases Statin-Related Mild-to-Moderate Muscle Symptoms: A Randomized Clinical Study. Med Sci Monit, 2014; 20:2183-2188.


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