What are the benefits of Ubiquinol?

What are the benefits of Ubiquinol?

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Ubiquinol offers a range of benefits to support heart health, male fertility, healthy cholesterol, and general wellbeing.  It is the active, reduced form of CoQ10, and has superior bioavailability as it is more easily absorbed in the body.[i]

Mitochondrial Energy 

Ubiquinol is essential is aiding the production of adenosine 5-triphosphate (ATP) in the mitochondria, the molecule that is primarily responsible for storing and transferring cellular energy[ii]. As the powerhouse of our cells, mitochondria are vital to nearly every biochemical reaction and cellular process in the human body.[iii]Ubiquinol is naturally occurring in the body, however the body’s ubiquinol levels may be depleted by aging and long-term oxidative stress.[iv] Deteriorating levels of Ubiquinol are associated with inflammation throughout the body and accompanied by general feelings of low energy.[v] Thus, optimal Ubiquinol levels support mitochondrial health and may help relieve feelings of tiredness, improve performance and support energy production.[vi]

Heart Health 

Due to its antioxidant properties, Ubiquinol helps neutralise free radicals that have the potential to cause oxidative stress, which can result in cell and tissue damage that may impact heart health.[vii] Ubiquinol also promotes optimal cardiovascular health, as a study from Heart, Lung and Circulation found that Ubiquinol helps to maintain a healthy heart by providing the cellular energy needed to keep the heart pumping efficiently.[viii] Additionally, Ubiquinol has also been found to help maintain healthy levels of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) in adults. [ix] This is important as Increased LDL is linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, hypertriglyceridemia, and atherosclerosis.[x]

Male Fertility 

Male fertility factors contribute fully, or in part to 50% of all infertility issues.[xi] These influencing factors include poor quality sperm which is due to the morphology and motility of the sperm as well as the low sperm count and/or blockages in the tubes of the reproductive system.

Ubiquinol has been found to protect sperm from oxidative damage, which is a key contributing factor to infertility in 30-80% of male infertility cases.[xii] Oxidative stress impacts male fertility by negatively impacting sperm preservation and motility, sperm to egg recognition and fertilisation. Hence, Ubiquinol is linked to consequent improvements in sperm concentration, motility, and antioxidant status in infertile men.[xiii] There is also a strong correlation between Ubiquinol content in seminal fluid and sperm count and motility. As sperm cells require a high energy level to fertilise the female egg, and this motility is dependent on ATP energy production, supporting and ensuring that the body has adequate Ubiquinol levels are critical. [xiv]

Always consult your healthcare practitioner for the correct supplementation and dosage

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