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Unlocking Mitochondrial Energy for Optimal Health

Mitochondrial health is at the forefront of healthcare in the 21st century. This FREE White Paper outlines the opportunity for mitochondria to be targeted in the prevention and treatment of non-communicable and lifestyle diseases.


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Download our FREE White Paper on mitochondrial energy and ubiquinol for the latest research into:

  • The role of mitochondria in human health, energy and fatigue
  • The link between immune health and mitochondrial function
  • How ubiquinol supplementation supports heart health in the 40+ age demographic
  • The potential for ubiquinol supplementation in the treatment of obesity
  • The connection between low ubiquinol levels and male infertility

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    The Difference Between Ubiquinol and Coenzyme Q10

    Ubiquinol is the active, reduced form of coenzyme Q10 and is critical to the natural production of ATP energy by the mitochondria. Around 95% of plasma CoQ10 is in the form of ubiquinol

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