Kaneka attends the CMA Annual Conference

Kaneka attends the CMA Annual Conference

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As supporters of and contributors to progress and research in the complementary medicines space, Kaneka attended the annual Complementary Medicines Australia (CMA) Conference and Industry awards for a second time, on 15 September.

The conference, held in Sydney, welcomed over 350 delegates and guests from near and far to explore the theme ‘Healthy Industry, Healthy People’ – a theme that encompassed a number of key approaches for how our industry can continue to innovate, grow and contribute to better health outcomes.

CMA Chief Executive, Carl Gibson, noted that it is an exciting time for the complementary medicines industry. He discussed the release of the government response to the Sansom Review, which signifies a new era of complementary medicines regulation – a framework that will encourage greater investment in research and development, and a sustainable and healthy industry.

The 17th Annual Industry Awards presented during the event also recognised the outstanding contributions made by both individuals and companies around complementary medicines, of which Kaneka is no exception.

Kaneka is renowned for its unique and patented production processes and places great emphasis on the development of natural and scientifically-backed ingredients. Ubiquinol has been well known for a long time, but it is challenging to manufacture on an industrial scale because it is easily oxidised. After more than ten years of research and process development, Kaneka managed to devise a patented technique and is now the only supplier of the world’s first stable and bio-identical Ubiquinol.

Ubiquinol is a micronutrient that can support the body’s immune defenses, counteract fatigue, stress and the visible signs of ageing, and support heart health. Its high bioavailability enables the vitamin-like supplement to be taken up by the body more quickly and efficiently than conventional coenzyme Q10.

At Kaneka we remain dedicated to producing the highest quality nutritional ingredients possible and contributing to advancements in the complementary medicines industry.

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