Ubiquinol and Statins: What you need to know

Ubiquinol and Statins: What you need to know

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Did you know that a third of all Australians suffer from high cholesterol? [i]

In some cases, high cholesterol can lead to health problems and sometimes also present further complications if left unmonitored or untreated.

With such a high prevalence in Australia alone, we look at a breakdown of what you need to know when it comes to your cholesterol health and treatment.


Ubiquinol and Statins for Maintaining High Cholesterol Level

What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance produced by the liver carried around the body in your blood[i]. Cholesterol is considered by most as unhealthy or bad, however our bodies need cholesterol for many essential processes, such as making vitamin D and in the production of hormones, oestrogen and testosterone. Alternatively, having a high cholesterol can have detrimental effects on one’s heart health and physical wellbeing[ii].

What are Statins?

Many individuals with high cholesterol get prescribed statins—in fact, over two million Australians take statins to control their cholesterol levels[iii]. Statins are used to block cholesterol production in the liver, subsequently lowering cholesterol levels and risk of cardiovascular disease[iv]. Statins also assist in the reabsorption of existing cholesterol—this effectively supports lowering cholesterol in the blood stream, allowing the body to begin absorbing excess cholesterol. This results in an overall reduction of cholesterol in the arteries.

One of the side effects of statins is its reduction in your body’s level of the naturally-occurring Coenzyme Q10, which can lead to tiredness, muscles fatigue and soreness[v].

Why should you consider Ubiquinol alongside statins?

While statins help with high cholesterol levels, there are many benefits of complementing your statin prescription with Ubiquinol supplementation. Ubiquinol has been shown to assist in balancing cholesterol levels as well as help mitigate common side effects of statins, such as muscle pain and tension, known as statin myopathy[vi].Research has found that CoQ10’s strong antioxidant properties help reduce mild-to-moderate statin-related muscular pain, making it an option that can help in achieving a lower cholesterol level and counterbalance the side effects of Statin use[vii].

Talk to your GP or health professionals for advice on Ubiquinol.


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