WORLD MENOPAUSE DAY – Ubiquinol Benefits Postmenopausal Women

WORLD MENOPAUSE DAY – Ubiquinol Benefits Postmenopausal Women

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IMPROVED quality of life, as well as general health, skin and mood were observed in postmenopausal women, just by taking 100mg of Ubiquinol each morning with their breakfast for three months.[1]

In what is believed to be the world’s first study of Ubiquinol in postmenopausal women, the Spanish researchers found benefits that warrant more research.

The group of women taking Ubiquinol daily, showed significant improvement in the Cervantes Quality of Life Scale and the EUROQOL assessment, compared to the control group which showed no change.

During the aging process Ubiquinol in the body decreases and oxidative stress increases.

Menopause is a distinct period in a woman’s life when the metabolism decreases and oxidation increases[2] and researchers believe Ubiquinol is acting to decrease or stop the dysfunction of the respiratory chain.

There are also studies written about the benefits of Ubiquinol[3],[4] on the skin, but until this study there have been none in menopausal women.

The loss of estrogen during menopause causes a decrease in collagen production, increasing the aging of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles.

The results of improved skin in postmenopausal women taking Ubiquinol, researchers believe is due to it decreasing or stopping the dysfunction in the respiratory chain.

Women in the study taking the Ubiquinol supplement, also noted a considerable improvement in cramping, tingling hands and feet.

The researchers explained in their study that CoQ10 is fundamental to the functioning of the human body, generating 95 percent of the body’s energy and supports a range of organic activities including nerve transmissions, hormonal secretion, circulation, coupled reactions, tissue repair, synthesis of proteins, fats, glycogen, nucleic acids and heat.[5]

The antioxidant capacity of Ubiquinol to neutralise free radicals, can reduce and prevent the damage caused oxidative stress associated with aging.

Ubiquinol is considered to be one of the strongest lipid-soluble antioxidants that provides an active defence against oxidative and free radical damage to cells, supporting cardiovascular, neurological, and overall immune health.

The results of the first study of Ubiquinol supplementation in postmenopausal women has shown significant improvement in the health measurements of the trial and researchers have concluded more studies in this patient group would be beneficial.

The study provides hope for postmenopausal women who want to slow the affects of aging on their bodies, just by starting each day with a Ubiquinol supplement.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.


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