Sponsored Education on Male and Female Fertility

Sponsored Education on Male and Female Fertility

Nov 2022
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Kaneka in Partnership with ACNEM for Fertility

Kaneka Ubiquinol was a proud sponsor of the Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) Women’s Health Training Forum, 19 November 2022, in live and online. Leading experts in fertility health presented evidence-based strategies and interventions that have been shown to assist in the management of symptoms associated with complex women’s health conditions with a focus on fertility, outlining comprehensive management plans based on diet, nutrition, lifestyle and endocrine regulation.

Kaneka sponsored two educational sessions, one on female fertility and one on male fertility, with leading fertility clinician, naturopath and educator, Leah Hechtman. Leah shared first-hand clinical experience and knowledge on the hidden drivers of complex male and female fertility, including the role of microbiota, the role of ubiquinol and the high potential of mitochondria in the fertilisation process, as well as treatment objectives. The sessions also highlighted the importance of effective mitochondrial function on sperm health.

A recent study found that 15 per cent of couples struggled to conceive for more than 12 months, and about one in five cases of infertility is due to the male factor, and a further one in three cases is due to both the male and female.[i]

Male fertility is largely affected by lifestyle choices and so it comes as no surprise that harsh lifestyle choices may impact one’s fertility journey. When men are exposed to environmental toxins and stress, it can have a negative impact on the sperm. Excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking, sleep deprivation, all play a role in the quality of the sperm, including its morphology (shape), count and motility (movement).

Hechtman highlighted the growing body of evidence supporting the efficacy of natural antioxidants, including ubiquinol, to mitigate the oxidative stress on sperm mitochondria and how this may assist, either to conceive naturally or to improve the outcome of assisted technologies such as IVF, for the countless couples struggling with fertility issues.

“We need a greater understanding of the role of male factor with fertility. We often stress the body block of a female when discussing fertility, and while men can continue to produce sperm throughout their adult lifetime, as the quality of the sperm declines due to environmental factors and we experience depletion of antioxidants like ubiquinol, couples may find themselves struggling to conceive.”

“In a time where oxidative stress is believed to be one of the primary drivers of infertility for both men and women, it is imperative that all people of reproductive age seek professional recommendations to ensure that they address factors that may be impacting their chance of starting a family, and how to mitigate through dietary and lifestyle measures,” adds Hechtman.

Hechtman highlighted the connection between mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress and resulting damage within the body, importantly to sperm health.

Kaneka exhibited at the event and welcomed the opportunity to connect with numerous practitioners in the field, who are deeply invested in improving health and wellbeing through integrative medical interventions. Kaneka is the leading supplier of ubiquinol globally.

A pioneer in the field of nutrigenomics and personalised health, Dr Denise Furness PhD; experienced fertility naturopath, Rhiannon Hardingham; and the founder of Vera Women’s Wellness, Dr Peta Wright, were among the leading experts in the field presenting the case for evidence-based lifestyle interventions and treatment strategies for complex women’s health conditions.

For more information on the educational form, visit the acnem website.

About Leah Hechtman

Leah is a naturopathic clinician, researcher, author and educator who specialises in fertility, pregnancy and reproductive health for men and women. She has completed extensive advanced training and is a university lecturer, keynote speaker, author and educator to her peers. She is also a regular media spokesperson for her profession.

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