Post-viral health on the agenda at Malaysian Scientific Conference

Post-viral health on the agenda at Malaysian Scientific Conference

Jul 2023
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Nutritional supplementation in post-viral health

Kaneka was pleased to be an exhibitor for the first time at this year’s 38th Annual Scientific Conference held in Malaysia, with the theme “From sick care to wellness – Healthy nutrition is key”.

The event, organised by the Nutrition Society of Malaysia, is the most important annual scientific event for nutritionists in Malaysia and attracted 250 attendees and 14 exhibitors this year. In attendance are researchers and other healthcare practitioners. The conference underlines the key role of healthy nutrition in ensuring wellness at different stages of the lifecycle.

Kaneka Corporation’s stand received around 150 visitors who were intrigued by the evidence-backed benefits of the naturally occurring antioxidant, ubiquinol, and its role in cardiovascular and mitochondrial health.

Many Malaysian health challenges were discussed at the event. Keynote sessions highlighted the latest research on health conditions that are growing among children and adults in Malaysia due to nutritional deficiencies, such as iron, and dietary impacts such as salt intake.

Malaysia’s leading cause of death is ischaemic heart disease, followed by stroke.[i] Recent studies reveal supplementation with ubiquinol, in conjunction with other lifestyle interventions, may benefit cardiovascular health.[ii]

Furthermore, in a post-pandemic environment, post-viral illness has cast a shadow in Malaysia with a study showing that one in five COVID-19 survivors in Malaysia reported having long-COVID.[iii] Many people with long-COVID exhibit symptoms consistent with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS).

This year’s Scientific Conference once again provided much ‘food for thought’, backed by growing scientific evidence for nutritional and complementary medicine approaches to dealing with some of the complex health challenges being faced globally as well as in Malaysia. This event was a key opportunity for the nutritionist/dietician community to gather, share and find out more, and Kaneka Corporation was also fortunate to take part and connect with so many attendees.



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